Bus Changes 10th April 2016

Below are the information pages from the Essex Bus Passenger News – scroll down;

You can see more about the Bus Review changes elsewhere in Essex, on our Blog.


Update 7th April 2016 – all timetables we have are below. Please note that HSB01 is a partial replacement for Service 7, and TrustyBus 418 follows a different route. Download an Arriva changes leaflet, which gives fuller/more accurate details than in BPN.


For all other timetables in Essex from w/c 10th April 2016, follow this link for more information.


Service 2, 3

Service 4
Service 5 – TrustyBus peak times replaced with file pointing the right way up! – off-peak renumbered Service 6 – Arriva

Service 6 and 7 withdrawn – see 418 and HSB01 and 8

Service 8 – [8A Unchanged]
Service 10

Service 21 (change at Ongar)

Service 59 on SundaysService 59 Mon-Sat timetable

Service 66 and 86 (was 66 and 66A)

Service 322
Service 347

Service 392 (393 withdrawn)
Service 410, 410A (410X withdrawn)

Service 418, 418A, 418B (part replacement for 6/7 and replaces 541)
Services 419, 420, 421
Service 501

Service 509, 510, and new Service 508

Service 901 withdrawn
Service HSB01 (replaces 7)


Additional Information re Service 418-418B-419-420-421…

418 is hourly Harlow – Loughton Monday to Saturday daytime via old Harlow, Church Langley, new hall Potter St then as evening 541 route to Loughton, the 418A is Monday to Friday peaks hours Harlow – Epping via old Harlow , church Langley, new hall , potter st, Thornwood ,Epping stn

The 418B is the current Harlow to Loughton evening and Sunday service running its current route.

The 419/420 routes are as present with the 420 operating Monday to Friday off peak and Saturdays, the 421 is Monday to Friday peak hours only operating Ongar – Epping shorts