Website Changes

Update 13th April 2017

All new timetables uploaded, Timetables page tidied up.


Changes added 23rd November 2016

Harlow Changes

Sorry for the lack of updates recently – following being unwell, then breaking my arm!

Now fully caught up to date with changes, thankfully not too many.


Changes added 17th July 2016

New timetables for many routes (4 Sunday, 10 Sunday, 11 Sunday, 12 Sunday, 66,  86, 410, 418, 419, 420, 424). 86 now serves Waltham Cross, and X10 appears to be withdrawn.


Changes since last update on 13th April 2016

Timetables and Maps pages updated, including some scanned from paper timetables.


Changes since last update in 21st March 2016

Old timetables removed, and new ones placed onto Services page


Changes since last update in March 2016
New list of 10th April changes online, follow this link for more.


Changes since the update on Saturday 20th February 2016

New timetable for Service 424 added, starting next weekend.

724 timetable has scanned maps/covers and lists of stops, from the paper copy.


Changes since the update on Monday 1st February 2016

Moved over to WordPress and tidied into many pages.


Changes since the update on Sunday 31st January 2016

Timetables reformatted for services 21 (EnsignBus), 501, 505, 575, ZIP1 all replaced existing files.

Timetable booklet updated as a result.


Changes since the launch on Wednesday 26th January 2016

New Service X10 by Regal Busways to Central London added.

Added complete timetable for Arriva Harlow evening Service 1B and corrected Service 6A.

Scanned (from paper copies) the times for LCB1 LCB2 (although these may not be correct – will attempt to find out more!), and the others initially missing.

EnsignBus 21 now also runs on Saturdays, and the updated timetable is now online.

We’ve had word that the Townlink Service 21 is presently operating as Service 20, as far as Ongar only.

Complete timetable set download, which works at a 92 page PDF (very large!) added to the below.