News (Updated 13th April 2017)

Apologies for the delay in updates, while we figured out what is happening (from all the recent changes and public enquiries!)


86, 86A (EOS Harlow – Waltham Cross) – Revised timetable and routes – new timetable from 3rd April 2017.

87 (EOS Harlow – Epping) – Revised timetables and routes – new timetable and route map from 8th March 2017.

287 (EOS Harlow – Katherines) – service never materliasied – contact the operator for more.

392 (EOS Harlow Town Station – Hoddesdon Rye Park) – withdrawn – a part replacement C392 is operating, but not to Harlow.

410, 410A, 410X, 411 (TrustyBus Holdbrook/Waltham Cross – Harlow/Hertford) – revised to run every half hour six days a week as 410. Hunsdon now served at peak times only. 411 and entire Sunday withdrawn). Download new timetable from 2nd January 2017.

418, 418B, 419, 420 (TrustyBus Harlow – Epping – Loughton or Ongar) – 418 withdrawn from Church Langley, Old Harlow and Edinburgh Way, and will follow the same route as 419 and 420 services. Off-peak 418 are extended beyond Harlow Bus Station to Princess Alexandra Hospital. Revised timetables on Services 419 and 420. Download new timetable from 2nd January 2017 for 418/418B, 419, 420.

424 (TrustyBus Harlow – Hertford) – service doubled to half hourly from 10th April 2017, and a brand new hourly Sunday service. Download new timetable here.

500 (EOS Harlow – Epping) – service operated for two days only, to cover a perceived demand if TrustyBus were not to have their license increased mid-January – contact the operator for more.

505 (TrustyBus Harlow – Chingford) – Now operates on Saturdays Only. Changes to Services 86/86A and 87 covered these. Download new timetable from 2nd January 2017 here.

724 (Arriva GreenLine – Harlow – St Albans) – Service doubled to half hourly from Harlow to Hertford, and some additional stops added/revised (outwith Harlow). Download new timetable from 12th March 2017.

HSB02 (EFCT Harlow – Churchgate Street) – New Thursdays Only service which additionally serves the retail parks and parts of Old Harlow that were part of the 418. Download new timetable from 2nd February 2017.




Sorry for the lack of updates recently – following being unwell, then breaking my arm!

Now fully caught up to date with changes, thankfully not too many.

Changes in August to timetables on Arriva 1/1B to Sumners/Katherines, 8/8A to Old Harlow, and 9/9A to Potter Street/Maddox Road.
The latter two have changes to the route, click here for a new Arriva map.

Service 87 by EOS Buses was introduced from 1st September 2016, but is understood to be cancelled in December 2016. At the time of going to press, the company were reconsidering this decision, but on a reduced timetable to follow.

Further changes will happen around the turn of the year, which we will update the timetables accordingly. We are looking at a new (third edition) Harlow all in one timetable book early in 2017 too.




On 17th July 2016 we uploaded new timetables for many routes (4 Sunday, 10 Sunday, 11 Sunday, 12 Sunday, 66,  86, 410, 418, 419, 420, 424). 86 now serves Waltham Cross, and X10 appears to be withdrawn.


You can read more about the 10th April changes on our dedicated page, this will have more timetables added as we get closer to the date.


Arriva new Service 9 and TrustyBus 424 starting on Saturday 27th February – details on Timetables page.